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  • What We Do

    Mobile Agriculture – Mobile technology can provide a way forward to mitigation of agriculture risks, strengthen value chains development and coordinate value chain actors for sustainable agriculture and food security.
    Added Value – Value co-creation and service science in agriculture.
    Operations – Re imagine clients operation from supply chain to procurement to unlock growth, reduce costs and unleash sustainable strategy and added value development.
    Strategy   – We collaborate with companies /clients to develop strategies that deliver sustainable results.
    Organization – Ensure clients organization are resilience for value stream creation.
    Capability Building – Our capability building team provides customised learning experiences led by experts who combine deep domain knowledge with real-world perspectives and innovations. www.huetzresearch.com
    Sustainable agricultural intensification –  Develop food security policies for resilient and productive agricultural systems, agro ecology/corridor development for sustainable agriculture.
    Agro Corridor – Agriculture facilities,  value chain development, credit schemes, especially for smallholders and agro-dealers powered by agro-ecology sustainable agricultural intensification by easing farmers’ access to regional and international markets and deployment of climate smart agriculture. A strategy, incentives are provided to promote diversified agro-industries based on local agricultural production for export and food security. Converged academia, government and industries to  commercial doctoral research outcome to create wealth powered by OTAIGRO®  framework.
    Big Data – Smart agriculture using data on likely crop output where farmers can more effectively utilize organic farm inputs (biofertilizer, biopesticide and bioherbicide)  improves soil health and quality www.aratibiotech.com .There is no better time than now to strengthen farmer ecosystems. Advancements in technology can facilitate data-driven agriculture digitization, driven by four disruptors:

    • Rise in data volumes, computational power, and connectivity, especially new low-power wide-area networks;
    • The emergence   of   analytics   and    business-intelligence   capabilities    via   artificial intelligence;
    • New forms of human-machine interaction such as augmented-reality systems and internet of things (IoT) ; and
    • Improvements in transferring digital instructions to the physical world, such as advanced robotics.

    In agriculture, these new technologies can and will modernise  the sector, foster business innovation and  create  new  business  opportunities  in  areas  such  as  bio-based   industries  and  sustainable ecosystems.  However, the magnitude of this transformation and associated impacts in   agribusiness   sectors, value chains development and common agricultural policy (CAP), are highly variable and will differ, depending on the technology focus and value co-creation requests from our clientele across Africa www.huetzmobile.com

    Research   –   Trans-Disciplinary Research powered by www.huetzresearch.com
                             OTAIGRO® framework.

    Farm Intelligence Challenge

    Platform – Data transmission, interoperability and integration (e.g. sensor networks);
    Data Access (open), ownership and privacy of data;
    Simplicity – Need to extract actionable information and complicated issues that require big data vs. the need to simplify advice, decisions etc.;
    Partnerships – Requires greater engagement with non-traditional disciplines (e.g.,data science) and data sources to reap potential benefits;
    Value Chains –  Experimentation is more advanced in cash-crop value chains development;
    Empowerment – Unequal access to and use of information could widen social inequity and food security globally;
    Infrastructure  – Limited ICT infrastructure and skills in poorer countries globally might accentuate the “digital divide” and agriculture vulnerabilities in agribusiness development;
    Business models – Viability, affordability, co-value creation and cost efficiency are crux of modern agribusiness and food security globally.
    Human capital development –