Big Data Platform


  • Optimization and Usability : Next Gen Analytics
  • Cloud Services  : XaaS/Interoperability Accessibility: Crowd sourcing ( / Open Standards & Data Processing: storage, harmonization, querying and search.
  • Business Case
  1. Soil mapping has traditionally been costly and inefficient;
  2. Soil erosion destroying Africa’s land productivity by up to 50%;
  • Geo-survey: cropland mapping;
  1. Digital soil mapping at a communities, state, country level and particular resolution level;
  2. Producing necessary data to develop effective organic farm inputs formulas for re-generative agriculture globally;
  3. Innovative mobile applications on top of cloud based analytics for the digital inclusion of small-scale producers;
  • High-volume transactions like farmer registration, prepayment, grading, purchase, logistics and payments are recorded and synchronized in the field via smartphone.
  • Farm e-commerce and crowd sourcing

Data can be directly uploaded from the farm equipment to the provider’s servers for analysis or from Huetz Mobile App where farmer can simply plugs into the farmer’s equipment and applies the results of the Huetz Mobile App’s analysis and prescriptions. We are just on the front edge of a data-driven transformation of the agricultural sector globally because of challenge to develop
re-generation agriculture for food security cum climate change mitigation.