Agriculture supply chain sectors Seller-Buyers need to connect to producers directly to plan procurement attain traceability and cut the length of the procurement chain. Buyers also need consistent and predictable sources of supplies. Producers need buyers to have a predictable and fair pricing mechanism. Services and co-value creation are:

Fats & Nuts
Organic Farm Inputs
Seedling / Seed
Roots and Tubers
Seed Farms
Storage management

                                                            ARATI   PROSUMER ®

ARATI   ProSumer® serves as the intermediary management system  platform (agriculture feedstock producer and consumer) monitors compliance that optimizes value creation above. Cultivation of crop by farmers using Aratibiotech Limited agro-inputs for the following crops:  Livestock’s, Cereals, Fat and Oil Seeds, Fibre, Fruits, Pastures, Grasses and Legumes, Grain Legumes, Root and Tubers and Vegetables Crops. The process creates an enabling environment for agricultural finance and management cum extension services in several ways:

  • First, financial partners are assured at the time of lending that farmers have a market for their produce and the means to adequately serve that market – two building blocks of a healthy revenue stream.
  • Second, banks minimize the problem of loan diversion by offering in-kind credit to farmers for inputs and directly paying certified (and monitored) input retailers after distribution of the inputs.
  • Mobile technology will be developed to help communicate with the farmers. Finally, cashless payment through bank transfers reduces strategic default, since farmers cannot obtain revenue until their outstanding loans are fully repaid.