Drone Technology Services

Huetz Mobile ® agriculture focuses on the application of mobile applications for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in agriculture with the support infrastructure of drone technology for precision farm in-put management, and optimization including using mobile enabled M&E tools.

  1. Corporations, governments, NGOs and farmers all have a goal of increasing value in agricultural supply chains;
  2. Profitable solutions will ensure more widespread adoption;
  • An understanding of biology, ecology and geology is required in order to design effective interventions;
  1. Food production is often viewed as a “public good” and systems must be designed to help feed local populations;
  2. Technology should help smallholders take advantage of government-driven subsidies and tax incentives.

Agriculture markets are largely impacted by micro and microeconomic factors and solutions must account for the effects of these drivers.

                        Drone application service sector for sustainable agriculture