Resilience Agriculture

Resilience is the ability of a community to withstand negative internal and external pressures and threats. Resilience enables adaptation and strength, coherence and intergenerational learning. Communities can be resilient when they are empowered and clear about their future and can act together to protect their rights.


Soil health and quality are resilience for sustainable agriculture. Increasing yields needs not translate into biodiversity loss or more land spared for nature, we have a subsidiary unit called ARATI Farms Limited specialized for execution of OTAIGRO®

How to maintain social-ecological resilience?

  • Learn to live with change and uncertainty;
  • Combine different sources of knowledge;
  • Facilitate self-organization; and
  • Nurture diverse sources for renewal and reorganization.


Why social-ecological resilience?

  • Human well-being is underpinned by ecosystems;
  • Human activities are strong drivers of ecosystem change, and
  • People can and do act as stewards of their environment.


Sustainable agricultural intensification
Food security policies for resilient and productive agricultural systems and landscapes must emphasize and build on an increase in agro-ecologic capacity for yield potentials and regenerative agriculture.